Monday, August 4, 2014

A Warm Welcome

I've never blogged before and I probably never would have started with it - if it hadn't been for a certain strong impression in my heart just recently to give blogging a try. Maybe because this is a simple way to share my love and joy for my Savior and to also share digital scrapbooking creations for free.

I'm planning on updating at least twice a week with an inspirational quote. As for Scrapbooking freebies, I think I'll manage to offer them once or twice a month.

I'm still busy setting up this blog, so please be patient with me. The first quote should be up in the next couple of days - when this blog is ready to be filled!

Thanks for reading - and I'd love to see you back here soon.



  1. I enjoyed very much this wonderful and inspirational idea.

  2. I just went through your entire blog. I found you via LDS blog train. I downloaded most of what you have available. I love it all! Thanks for sharing your talent as well as the inspirational quotes.